Office Templates and Documents

Brandwares staff have been creating innovative office documents since 1990. We work primarily with Microsoft Office, but we create in all office document software including Pages, Keynote, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs.

As a matter of course, we create documents that are stable, crisp in appearance, compact in file size and predictable in operation. All our documents are made using same version you are own, to guarantee compatibility. You've seen documents from desktops of Office "experts" where the graphics jumped around on the page, were fuzzy, has a file size measured in megabytes and fell apart when you typed a carriage return in the wrong place. Now you've found the people who do it right.

We've developed techniques to precisely match your graphic designer's brand guidelines, for maximum visual impact. Then we top that with custom tutorials, in-person or webex training and brilliant free email or telephone technical support.

But that's only the beginning:

Built into Microsoft Office is a powerful programming language that can extend its capabilities to meet any demand your company may have:

With our abilities to program Office with new powers, we can make your dream documents a reality. Ask yourself "If I could make a document do what ever I want, what would that look like?" We're here to make that happen. Documents that reconfigure depending on user input, drag in information from a remote database, validate customer information, it's all possible with macro programming.

Our services include:

Please, next time you're struggling with a Word document that looks different when you change computers, when your customer phones you because they couldn't make the Excel sheet work, when someone yawns during your PowerPoint presentation, give us a call! We will help you!