Presentations: PowerPoint and Beyond

Brandwares creates presentations for the top brands in the North America. When your brand reliability is on the line, you can't depend on a deck from a graphic designer who spends all their time in InDesign and then devotes an hour a week to PowerPoint. Brandwares has 25 person-years of presentation expertise, staff who live, breath and dream ways to give your show star power.

Every deck is built from the ground up with best practices. Our production head, John Korchok, blogs on this site about the most effective methods for designers and skilled users learning how to create top-quality shows. He also answers technical questions on, covering PowerPoint on both OS X and Windows.

We're experts in hacking PowerPoint XML to provide features you can't get from any other supplier:

Of course, we're all over PowerPoint, but we also create brilliant decks in Keynote, Prezi, SlideRocket, Emaze, Google Slides and Impress for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

The key to our guaranteed compatibility is that we create every presentation in the same software version you use. You'll never hear "That's odd, it looked fine on my computer." We track the minute technical differences that make perfection. We're the ones who can tell you that PowerPoint 2013 is missing the clip art it had when it shipped and we'll tell you why! (Microsoft closed its on-line clip art library in late 2014 and now expects you to use Bing Image Search)

Every one of our presentations features graphics that are hand-optimized to give you razor-sharp graphics with a tiny file size. A normal presentation template should never be larger than a megabyte. Fuzzy, bloated JPEG graphics don't cut it any more. Storage costs money!

But there's more! What if PowerPoint can't do what you need it to? What if you need to link Excel files that automatically update during a show? That's when you need our macro programming ability. PowerPoint's built-in Visual Basic for Applications opens up a stunning world of flexible data that make your presentations a cut above anything your audience has seen. The future is limited only by your imagination.

With our abilities to program PowerPoint with new powers, we can make your dream presentations a reality. Ask yourself "If I could make a deck do whatever I want, what would that look like?" We're here to make that happen. Shows that reconfigure depending on user input or that drag in information from a remote database, it's all possible with macro programming.

Finally, we give your office all the backup you need to roll out your presentations or templates. If your presentation includes any less-common features of the software, we'll include a sample deck with instructions. Free live tech support via telephone or email, plus we can conduct webex or in-person (Toronto or New York) training for your entire office. Our services include:

Please, next time you're struggling with a deck here you can't change the font theme from Calibri, when the video plays on your machine but not the client's, when someone yawns during their show, give us a call! We will help you!